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Find the highest-paying lanes with Rate Index’s database of over $1 billion worth of actual transactions.
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Get the best rates for your trucks

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Maximize your rate on every load & make more money!

Validate your rates against thousands of others submitted daily by transportation companies across Canada. Let Rate Index truckload spot rate tool maximize your revenue on the lanes you run and help you discover new profitable markets to operate in.

  • Based on $100M worth of monthly, invoiced rates
  • Identify average rates within Canada and cross border at a glance
  • Benchmark your rates against other carriers
  • View historical rates, future trends and monitor for sudden market changes

Control & Visibility

Rate Index ensures that every truck you dispatch brings you the highest return for every mile driven. With Rate Index, put yourself in the driver’s seat to power up your company’s rate quoting process.

Truck Availability and Load Demand

Explore load volumes and van, reefer and flatbed capacity across all market lanes on Loadlink with Posting Index. Be ahead of the competition with insightful data on how the Canadian spot market is trending daily.

Discover the best markets to dispatch your trucks based on where equipment is scarce and loads are abundant.

Negotiate higher rates in areas where freight demand exceeds truck availability.

Price strategically by market area, time of year, fuel surcharges and line hauls to enhance profitability.



Get actual spot market rates based on thousands of invoices from carriers, brokers, and shippers – updated in real-time as transactions occur on the spot market.


Fully integrated with Canada’s largest load board, Loadlink, and LinkDispatch software – use seamlessly for full control of your booking and invoicing process.


Access rates and capacity data for thousands of lanes across North America – calculate complete line haul charges and instantly return backhaul rates on return trips.


Complete visibility on how rates change based on supply and demand fluctuations, as well as seasonality effects – the biggest historical database of spot market volumes.

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Canada’s premier spot market rating tool and capacity tracker

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  • Min, max and average line haul rates based on different truck types and markets

  • Visualize historical or current rate and capacity trends

  • Match changes in supply and demand with spot rate fluctuations

  • Rate calculator tool based on fuel costs, surcharges and per mile rates