Claudia Milicevic


Claudia is an accomplished executive and networker who has built an impressive résumé as the leader of Loadlink Technologies, formerly known as TransCore Link Logistics. She has been dedicated to the company for nearly 25 years and is determined to continue to provide innovative solutions for the trucking industry. While taking Loadlink Technologies to trailblazer status in the Canadian freight-matching marketing, Claudia’s contributions to the industry just keep on growing.

Earning an MBA from Queen’s University, Claudia can speak to the power of getting involved in your business community. She is a past Trucking HR Canada board member, having provided insight and guidance during a key transitional period, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Trucking Association. She was the second woman to serve as president of the Toronto Transportation Club (TTC), and received the first TTC Woman of the Year Award for her contributions to the industry.

Entering the trucking community as a young woman, it required a fierce drive to succeed in order to reach the top. Claudia understands the need to mentor young women, believing in helping others climb the corporate ladder. Her mantra for success is simple: Climb the corporate ladder but always lend a hand to help someone else up.